Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't make me hate you.

A little while ago I posted about how desperately I wanted this witchery jacket:

Well I ummed and ahhed for too long and my size soon sold out. I went into mourning, like a widow who could have easily prevented her husband's death (by buying the jacket, geddit?).
One of my mourning rituals was to trawl through page after ebay page of 'black (jacket, blazer)'. It was kind of sad.
But low and behold, I found this:

Dear reader, I bought it.

Now the dodgy thing is that this jacket is not Witchery. It is from a US label named Theory and not only was it slightly cheaper than its (almost) identical Australian twin, the fabric is wool as opposed to synthetic like the Witchery one. It is also several seasons old.

Pooey, Witchery, if you're going to steal designs at least have the decency to price the garments accordingly.

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Chiara TheMinette said...

Oh yess! It's fantastic!! <3