Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model, Episode 2

The shoot for this episode was a total snooze-fest with double denim done in the worst kind of way. The photos themselves were over-exposed up the ying yang. Nevertheless, Amanda totally killed it:

Looks like Patty over at Frockwriter might have backed the right horse.

Unfortunately there were other problems, with a few girls getting their bitch on and targeting Kimberly. The bullying, though thankfully less severe than in Cycle 4, is a total gross-out. I have no idea what would drive a group of girls to gang up against one person so horribly, but there does seem to be some weird class stuff going on, with Kimberly being the self-professed bogan of the house. Though for someone who seems to be viewed as unintelligent by the other girls, Kimberly was surprisingly eloquent when describing her own loneliness and I found myself very moved by what she said. Though she crashed and burned during the Channel V spot, she was still more personable than many of her competitors.

The other girls' lack of basic decency aside, what strikes me is their total lack of media savvy. Surely they realise that they are being filmed at every moment, and that their unkindness will undoubtedly be beamed into the lounge rooms of Foxtel-owners around Australia (that's hardly anyone, but still). On a similar note, I recall in Cycle 4 how Alex (the fashionista of that year's cohort) flubbed, Vogue Australia editor, Kirstie Clement's name during one of the regular segments in which the interviewer is neither seen nor heard. The footage aired showed her saying something along the lines of 'Kristie.... Wait, is it Kristie or Kirstie?'. The show does not include a narrator who would comment at such moments. Had Alex just powered through, not acknowledging her mistake, there would have been no way for ANTM, in its present format, to highlight the moment. A little media-literacy would go a long way with a lot of the girls.

In other news, I finally figured out who a couple of the girls remind me of. Joanna looks like a cross between a young Sofia Coppola and Romeo + Juliet-era Claire Danes.

And someone else too, maybe? As is, it's not a bad combo.

And at her best moments Megan has a bit of an Angela Lindvall vibe.

I guess I was a bit slow figuring that out.

Finally, Chantal is fortunate enough to at times resemble Olivia Palermo.

But she also pronounces 'clothes' as 'clue-ths'. Unspeakably annoying.

And GREAT GUGA MUGA, Sarah! Congratulations on your boobies... I mean baby.

Nah, I meant boobies.

Also, the new mentor, Josh Flinn, is totally adorable. I love his low-key sweetness and St Augustine Academy threads.

P.S. The ANTM website is insanely annoying to navigate. It makes me want to stab myself in the Alex Perry. Fix it, Foxtel.


flair to remember said...

Love your write up!! Agree all round!!
Your contestant lookalikes are right on the money!! Nice work!!

Sweetface McGee said...

nice summary of the episode!