Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby I'm bored.

I've had a peek at the Miranda Kerr shoot in Vogue Italia's September issue and I must say it's quite disappointing given how mind-blowing the magazine can sometimes be. This photo is by far the most interesting of the spread:

And it ain't that interesting.

I haven't been able to locate my Avatar 3d glasses yet but I have heard that the clothes look wonderful when viewed correctly. We'll see.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

if I fell in love with You

Quelle surprise, I (like every other girl on the planet, I suspect) have fallen in love with Alberto Guardiani's lipstick pumps:

Though indeed, I am no stranger to the call of novelty heels. Observe, Chanel's 2008 gun heels:

And (even better) the 'Maid Shoe' by the magically named Thea Cadabra:

Photo scanned from the book Shoes by Linda O'Keeffe.

Australia's Next Top Model, Episode 6

This week's episode was a bit fun. Loved Amanda and Joanna's reactions to the snake that was to be their photoshoot buddy:

Undoubtedly the best line of the show came from Cosmopolitan magazine's stylist who noted that they 'chose animals that were inspired by the accessories'. Think about it hun:

While I didn't think Kathryn's photo was much worse than anyone else's, I really don't understand her appeal as a model. She might be this year's Caris for me in that respect.

The colours in the shoot were gorgeous. It seems like the Cosmo's fashion content has improved since the days when I read the tacky mag:

And though I agree it was time for Brittney to be outty, I have no doubt she will be more successful outside of the show than she was on it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I have a problem.

I swear I was trying to save my money...

But they're Chanel.
Never give me a credit card.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model, Episode 5

I'm a week behind on my AuNTM commentary because since I saw Sophie's photo I haven't been able to stop trying to figure out who she reminds me of:

I still haven't got a proper answer but I think it might be a woman from an early 90s Special K ad. She's definitely tapping into the Impulse era in which they used "There she goes just a walking down the street" as the soundtrack.

I also have to admit what a fierce sexy diva Kelsey is. 

Also, did Alannah Hill use all the makeup? Charlotte was looking a little... tired:

true mysteries

Riddle me this, readers. In episode three, season three of The Rachel Zoe Project, the banana lady herself pulls out this vintage dress from her own personal collection: 

And here is Drew Barrymore on the red carpet some weeks ago:

They are the same dress, no? 
The question is, was this just an amazing vintage coincidence or does Rachel Zoe style Drew with the clothes off her own back? I didn't know they worked together at all.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What katy did.

Why I love Katy Perry's stinky pop song "Teenage Dream":

I heard it and I knew exactly the shade of denim she would be wearing in the clip.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm still trawling through the archives for the old thesis, and just stumbled across this absolute gem of a snippet from one of Maggie Alderson's articles:

Some encouraging news for fashion followers becoming increasingly downhearted by what they have seen so far, is that exciting new label Tsubi the four Manly surf dudes who distress jeans, and probably their parents too are now having their own show. Originally scheduled to show with six other first-timers, organisers decided they needed more room for their wild ideas. Many are hoping they won't involve rats, as used in their current installation at The Corner Store.

If you pay any attention to Australian fashion, you probably know what went down at the Tsubi show. If not, here's a clue:

Rock Candy

I don't know if M.I.A. has had a Tom Binns jewelry moment yet:

But she definitely, definitely should.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Oooh, how I'd love a suit to fit me just so:

What designer does waists like that anymore? Or, more to the point, what woman has a waist like that anymore?

Hell's Angels

Gah, I can't believe I'm coming around to Miranda Kerr as a proper model, but here she is looking divine in Vogue Italia:

And here's Alessandra looking smoking haute:

It can't be denied, The Angels are in control.
Wake me up when it's over. 


You know that awful situation where you lend someone an item of clothing and they look better in it than you do? I have a similar thing going on with my camera:

I lent my Panasonic to a lovely girl named Lata for an evening and it danced for her in ways it never does for me.
Not. Fair.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Obvs there's no shortage of lovely eye-candy on The Sartorialist, but this photo of Anna Dello Russo of Vogue Nippon really made me swoon:
She's wearing Tom Ford-era Yves Saint Laurent Tai Tai wedges. If I could have one pair of shoes from years-past, it would be these, with their delicious plum velvet upper and red lacquer heels.

By chance I later stumbled upon this photo. I can only assume it is Russo's evil twin.

shiny stones and breaking bones

How fabulous is this vintage bag being sold on Etsy:

It's oh so Jeremy Scott Fall 2010:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I do do

I was never one of those girls who dreamt of having a big white wedding (or for that matter, any kind of wedding), but I can totally see the appeal of having an over-the-top tulle moment in a dress like this:

I read an article somewhere on how Ivanka Trump decided to channel Grace Kelly by wearing a sleeved dress to her recent nuptials:

I dig the inspiration but find Ivanka's sleeve length super awkward. Apparently the designer of the dress, Vera Wang was relieved not be asked to make yet another strapless gown, which gets me thinking: Are the days of the strapless coming to an end? The style has dominated for so long, it might be time for a change...

p.s. And some more beauties:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Underwater Love: AuNTM, Episode 4

Sophie's new hair:

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Come on! It's just so not right.
The good news is that her photo was hot (in a way that I'm sure Sophie would appreciate):

There was even a slight Hana Soukupova resemblance:

And a general Ursula Andress vibe to the photo:

The other good news was that the episode was awash with awesome swimwear (though unfortunately none of it in Megan Gale's bla collection):

Seriously good styling, I must find out who the designer is. Almost enough to make me want to wear high-cut bathers.
... but seriously, I can never do that.
Oh, and Chantal's togs:

Adorable much?

And here's a game of AuNTM 'Where Are They Now?', or more accurately 'Where were they a little before Now, but still quite a bit since Then'. 
Last year's two finalists Cassie and Tahnee:

Both looking gorgeous, though I'm not sure why Bettina Liano decided to style the latter in what looks like a maternity bra, when balconettes have long been an ally of buxom women everywhere.

Monday, August 9, 2010

me for you and you for me

Please god someone ID this ring for me:

It's eating my brain with its fabulousity.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My hurricane can blow me out the door

There are a lot of collar necklaces around at the moment and Akira Isogawa's beaded tulle pieces are a particularly lovely example of the trend:
Love the dense beading, which is not dissimilar to the surface decoration on this:

Former Vogue Australia editor Marion Hume proclaimed that this dress, from Isogawa's 1999 collection, 'saved Sydney'.

I've been reading a lot of newspaper articles on Isogawa's debut at Australian Fashion Week as research for my thesis (which is on the history of the event). It strikes me that the hype that surrounded him in the late 1990s bears similarities to the way Dion Lee is currently written about. Is that interesting? Maybe not.

despair and die

Above is photographer Alex Prager's first foray into film, a short piece called Despair. It's packed with visual references to Powell and Pressburger's The Red Shoes. Observe:


Not a bad thing in my books. Not a bad thing at all. 

And I do quite enjoy some of Prager's photos:

It is with some confuddlement, therefore, that I admit that I find Despair not so great. Its beauty is made redundant by the existence of Mad Men.