Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fair up the clacker: AuNTM, Episode 3

Another yawn of a photo shoot, with a bunch of pretty girls looking pretty. What can I say, beauty shoots aren't my bag. But I will admit that Kelsey brought it:

Oh, it was brung! If the judges keep her on the show only to pull an 'Actually, you're too short' at the eleventh hour, I will be pissed.

Brittney is increasingly reminding me of Emma from cycle 4:

Both are exceedingly lovely, tall and slim but lack the drive and talent of some of their competitors.

So here is my beef #1: Why not cut just one of the superbly inane comments given by the various contestants and instead provide the name of the designer whose garments were worn in the challenge?

In case you were wondering, the clothes were from Elliot Ward-Fear's RTW 2010/11 collection, which I have discussed previously. Thank heavens it wasn't a walking challenge.

Beef #2: When it comes to fashion, I just don't think Joh Bailey gets it. Chantal complained that her new haircut made her look old:

She was right to.
Ditto for Sophie:

Both girls looked much better colour-wise, but the cuts were more suited to Double Bay ladies who lunch, than fashion models.
P.S. Did you know that Joh Bailey and designer Peter Morrissey used to be a couple? Cute.

Beef #3: For the elimination Sarah wore a dress from Prada's Fall 2010 RTW collection:

Now, I'm not one of those stinkers who thinks that Sarah is looking old or fat this season - her skin looks pretty gorgeous to me, and, come on, girl just had a baby! In any case the dress was originally presented on 'curvy' model Doutzen Kroes. (The quotation marks on 'curvy' aren't there because I don't think Doutzen is bodacious. She clearly is. I just think it's a stoopid word and am embarrassed to use it.):

In fact, though I am both a Prada and Doutzen devotee, I don't think the dress was terribly flattering on either woman. But this is not my beef. The real problem for me is that I have to ask why it so hard for an Australian celebrity to wear an Australian designer, on an Australian, fashion-based TV show. Step it up, Sarah.

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