Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Underwater Love: AuNTM, Episode 4

Sophie's new hair:

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Come on! It's just so not right.
The good news is that her photo was hot (in a way that I'm sure Sophie would appreciate):

There was even a slight Hana Soukupova resemblance:

And a general Ursula Andress vibe to the photo:

The other good news was that the episode was awash with awesome swimwear (though unfortunately none of it in Megan Gale's bla collection):

Seriously good styling, I must find out who the designer is. Almost enough to make me want to wear high-cut bathers.
... but seriously, I can never do that.
Oh, and Chantal's togs:

Adorable much?

And here's a game of AuNTM 'Where Are They Now?', or more accurately 'Where were they a little before Now, but still quite a bit since Then'. 
Last year's two finalists Cassie and Tahnee:

Both looking gorgeous, though I'm not sure why Bettina Liano decided to style the latter in what looks like a maternity bra, when balconettes have long been an ally of buxom women everywhere.

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