Tuesday, September 30, 2008


When I was but a wee lass I found this seaweed in a Bondi beach rock pool which shone a crazy metallic purple under water, but when I plucked it out to show my mum it just looked like a crappy pile of brown mess. I was going to say that these dresses might be a bit like the seaweed, the catwalk like the ocean, bla bla bla, but then it occurred to me that people often seem to underestimate the wearability of Nicholas Ghesquiere's designs, case in point his Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear Balenciaga collection.
Which, as it turned out looked hella cool on the red carpet when worn by Charlotte Gainsbourg.
So, my closing thoughts on the current collection: I'm not gonna diss it just 'cos I don't get it.
Nevertheless and with all this said, is anyone else a bit non-plussed by the general state of the Milan and Paris fashion weeks so far? It kind of reminds me of that crotch pocket in your swimmers where all the sand collects... I'm going to stop writing weird beach analogies now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

new colours

I'm pretty new to Etsy but I can definitely see the appeal, particularly when it comes to the jewelry section. This Amber Leilani necklace is not exactly a bargain at $95 but succeeds in being unusual without being too crafty, if you know what I mean. Also I think these guys might be onto something with this cerulean-ish blue and gold business - it reminds me of the Temperly dress Sarah Michelle Gellar wore a little while back, though I think it works better in accessories.

The humans are dead.

Gianfranco Ferré Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

If in the future scientists try to invent robot fairies, I hope they would look like this.
Theirs is the magic of science and technological innovation.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sock it to me.

Unisex Solid Calf-High Sock $13

What I have to say about these socks comes dangerously close to being a plug for American Apparel (and honestly, I don’t think they need it) so let me begin with a counter-plug:
The Oxford st branch's store front is so visually noisy. Seriously guys, why make it hard for yourselves? Everyone loves the AA ad campaigns, they’re cool, they're hip, they're with it - so why not just have them blown up super big in the window? It’s like, silver platter much?
Also I am concerned at how heavily invested you appear to be in the whole lamé trend (financially and, I suspect, emotionally). Sure, girls are loving the whole ‘I just got dipped into a vat of steaming hot latex’ look now, but what about in two weeks? What are ya gonna do with all those shiny shiny pants that didn’t find a home? I know that shit ain’t biodegradable.

With that done let me say that these, ladies and gentlemen, are the best socks I ever had. And let it be known I am no Spring chicken in this area. In fact the quest to find durable, funky coloured, no skulls, no stripes, no that-golfy-emo-print socks is not so much a shopping trip for me, it’s a lifestyle. Anyway these socks tick all the right boxes and the colours are delicious. (I plan to buy a new one every week until I have a sock rainbow, possibly creating a lip-smackers-esque collecting craze).
You could even wear them with heels. If that’s what you’re in to.

UPDATE!: The dye in these socks runs like Jesse Owens on the first wash, so WASH THEM SEPARATELY! This really is a sad turn of events. I'm not angry, Americal Apparel. Just disappointed.

blue today

For years after seeing this series of photographs of Shalom Harlow, I tried to convince myself that I liked Blumarine - seriously though, aren't they just like some beautiful dream you wish you could have? Alas, I had to eventually admit to myself that there was something in the zebra print, sequined-lace, pale denim, endlessly-girly dresses that was just a bit too much for me. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see this pretty number:

The unlikely colour combinations and pretty textures make these outfits a hit with me - here's hoping they star in the next Blumarine ad campaign!

like a Ferrero Rocher wrapper

Prada Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Prediction: In the next month some up-and-coming starlet will wear this dress with Louboutin Pigalles, perma-tan and maybe even a black patent belt (if we're really unlucky.)
Enjoy it while it's untainted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

tied in

While this lady's lurvely corset was certainly something to marvel at, her tattoo is just crazy beautiful:
I'm so in love with tattoos at the moment, especially large, very feminine ones like this but I think I am too flighty in my tastes to ever commit - it frightens me to think that had I got one just ten years ago I'd probably have 'Girl Power' emblazoned on my left bicep. Nevertheless, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' suggestion has never lost its appeal, this being the image of Mighty Mouse on one butt cheek, seemingly flying out of -ahem- the darkness, proclaiming via speech bubble 'Here I Come to Save the Day!'.

take flight

Did you know that in some cultures, peacock feathers are thought to bring bad luck? This is apparently because the tips resemble the evil eye. Legend has it that the only way to counter the curse of the feather is to wear hot pink lapels.
True story.
Here are some other splendid folk rocking out the avian accessories.

She's a fan.

I've been predicting a come back of the fan since 2003, when Samantha carried one in Sex and the City (the episode with Geri Halliwell, remember?). True, five years is a long time for a prediction to be fulfilled but trust me, this summer will be the summer of the fan. Or your money back.

Darling hearts.

Don't you think the world would be a better place if everyone was this creative about what they wore? I do.