Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sock it to me.

Unisex Solid Calf-High Sock $13

What I have to say about these socks comes dangerously close to being a plug for American Apparel (and honestly, I don’t think they need it) so let me begin with a counter-plug:
The Oxford st branch's store front is so visually noisy. Seriously guys, why make it hard for yourselves? Everyone loves the AA ad campaigns, they’re cool, they're hip, they're with it - so why not just have them blown up super big in the window? It’s like, silver platter much?
Also I am concerned at how heavily invested you appear to be in the whole lamé trend (financially and, I suspect, emotionally). Sure, girls are loving the whole ‘I just got dipped into a vat of steaming hot latex’ look now, but what about in two weeks? What are ya gonna do with all those shiny shiny pants that didn’t find a home? I know that shit ain’t biodegradable.

With that done let me say that these, ladies and gentlemen, are the best socks I ever had. And let it be known I am no Spring chicken in this area. In fact the quest to find durable, funky coloured, no skulls, no stripes, no that-golfy-emo-print socks is not so much a shopping trip for me, it’s a lifestyle. Anyway these socks tick all the right boxes and the colours are delicious. (I plan to buy a new one every week until I have a sock rainbow, possibly creating a lip-smackers-esque collecting craze).
You could even wear them with heels. If that’s what you’re in to.

UPDATE!: The dye in these socks runs like Jesse Owens on the first wash, so WASH THEM SEPARATELY! This really is a sad turn of events. I'm not angry, Americal Apparel. Just disappointed.


la_belle_epoque said...

Lame latex will last forever!

(Just like easter eggs.)

Shazzy said...

Ha, yes isn't that what Coco Chanel said? "Before leaving the house every woman should look in the mirror... and put on some shiny metallic pants". I'm pretty sure that's right.