Monday, September 9, 2013

Bruce Woods Designs

Bruce Woods is a Chicago-based knitwear designer. These are some of his beautiful creations:

Bruce hand-makes all these one-off pieces himself and you can buy them on his new website.

My mother introduced me to Bruce when I was about 15. She, my friend Katherine and I were on holiday in the US and visited him in his Chicago apartment. I remember marvelling at both his (extreme) height and (excellent) style. He also cooked us all an amazing breakfast.

In fact my mother and Bruce have been friends since the mid-1970s, during which time they were flatmates in New York's East Village. Here is a photo of them both at my mother's wedding to her first husband (hint: it was a Green Card marriage. Quel Scandale!):

She is the one in the middle wearing the red shawl and a look of consternation (pangs of guilt, mother dearest?) and he is on the right, wearing a red beanie.

Undoubtedly the greatest thing about this photo is that the man standing behind Bruce is not a priest.

Originally posted June 7 2012