Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Young Folks.

Ok, this is photoshoot is a wee bit old but it hasn't left my head since I first saw it.

The styling is so flawless and perfect for a young publication like Teen Vogue, and I love Amanda Seyfried's (slightly hammy) poses:

But the best part is undoubtedly the hair. I'm totally getting an Anita Scheppers (from Heartbreak High) vibe:

And that ain't a bad thing, no diggity.


Sarah said...

Definitely channeling some HBH.
My hair was (and still is most days) modelled after Anita. When I was in high school I was pretty sure that if we met we'd be besties for life.

Shazzy said...

And Drazic too - that girl had it all.