Friday, July 23, 2010

hallowed hollow

So, I just watched Antichrist, and I’m sure I won’t be the first to say in response: Blaaaargh!!
What struck me throughout was how different the film would have been if Eva Green, who was originally cast for the role, had played 'She' in place of Charlotte Gainsbourg. Willem Dafoe (the male lead) and Gainsbourg’s sinewy, lean (often naked and writhing) bodies are similar to the point that there were moments in the film where I mistook one for the other. Green’s more voluptuous figure might have been an interesting counterpoint to Dafoe’s. I should say I thought Gainsbourg was quite incredible in the movie. I’m just annoyed because Antichrist threatens her place as one of my happy people.
Think happy thoughts. Think happy, Balenciaga thoughts.

That's better.

P.S. Mr von Trier, there is room for only one talking fox in my life.

He is the Crack Fox.

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