Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can't believe it's not...

Oh god, I want this witchery jacket in black more than anything else in life. No hyperbole. (p.s. I once heard a girl pronounce the word hyperbole, 'hyper-bowl'. Like Super Bowl, ha!)

In the absence of any gainful employment in my life I can't really justify it but being a masochist, I went and tried it on and was reminded of why some people choose not to buy all their clothes at Salvos. Remember in Maid In Manhattan when JLo's sassy older friend touches the Dolce and Gabbana coat and says 'It's like butter'? This jacket is channeling the same dairy goodness.
If I were a rich girl, I would buy both the black and the blush, as well as another amazing metallic bouclé jacket that's in there too. Universe, oblige me.

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