Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girlitude? Ugh.

I just finished reading Emma Tennant's abominably titled memoirs, Girlitude: A Portrait of the 50s and 60s. It was disappointing partly because it was of little help to the essay I am currently meant to be writing on 1960s fashion, and partly because I though it would be a bit like reading a Nancy Mitford novel (it wasn't). To be fair, Tennant has lived a pretty painfully cool life so maybe I'm just a bit jealous. My favourite bit was when she described a bohemian friend, Judy Montagu, with whom (along with a Cartier-stealing maid) she stayed in Italy. Judy had a friend name Laetizia Buoncompagnia who was referred to as 'Tits Goodcompany'. Would it were me with so bangin'  a moniker.

So why the picture of Daphne Guinness, you ask? Well, monkeys, it's jolly nice. 
...also I know they're related somehow.

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