Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sirens calling.

I was walking through campus in the morning yesterday when I noticed that Sydney Uni's Great Hall had been commandeered by Fashion People. It was preparations for Madison magazine's Sex, Frocks & Rock n' Roll Awards. There was a little installation positioned outside, comprised of several plastic Louis XV 'Ghost' chairs (which strike me now as a the height of dagginess. Remember in Sex and the City when Carrie goes to the Parisian restaurant, Kong, with Petrovsky's ex-wife? I love how the latter describes the Ghost chairs as 'heed-ious'.) and silver mannequins (gawd) artfully strewn in a heap.

In the night I walked passed the Great Hall again and the shindig was in full swing. Outside the hall a band were playing and I was totally captivated. I asked a security guard who they were and he very nicely went to find out, returning to inform me they were The Preachers. Woah nelly, what a band.

Isabella Manfredi is the female vocalist and my goodness, if she isn't the sexiest performer I've ever seen. Voice like PJ Harvey, Patti Smith (who they covered) bla bla bla. One of the lovely boys in the band gave me their EP and I gotta say, it's pretty exciting. Universe, I have a wish. I want Isabella Manfredi and Eleanor Dunlop of Cameras to do a duet cover of Desert Sessions' Crawl Home. Manfredi would be the Peej, der.

As I walked home I pondered over what an interesting night it had been. Then I met a man walking his two pet goats:
No kid-ing. HAAAA!
Seriously though. It did happen. Am I on crack?

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