Tuesday, March 1, 2011

like a fan full of dust

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2001

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2011

Brioni Fall 2011

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011

I feel it in my waters, my favourite sleeve EVER is on its way back in. The trouble is I don't know what to call it. The recent examples above are not as extreme as I would like; this 1930s dress worn by Kate Moss a while back is the ideal endgame:

I know Leg Of Mutton and Gigot are both names often used to refer to this type of sleeve but I have problems with this.

It is the difference between View 3 and View 1. The former is constructed with two separate pieces of fabric, the cuff and upper sleeve. It is sublime. The latter is all one piece of fabric, the sleeve simply tapering towards the wrist. It is foul.

To avoid future confusion, I hereby christen View 3 the Princess Awesomehouse Kickass Sleeve.

In the next few weeks I'm going to attempt to make my own using this pattern.

Wish me luck!

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