Saturday, May 8, 2010

Walk, walk fashion baby.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is all wrapped up for this year so I though I'd give some awards based on the little bit of time I spent there.

Award for Getting My Goat:
Front Row-ers taking photos on their iPhones/ Blackberries/ DSLRs. Hey guys, turn your heads about 5 degrees and look yonder down to the end of the catwalk. See that large group of flashing people holding cameras? They're photographers. They take photos of the clothes - it's kind of their job and they know what they're doing. How about you look at the live garment (which is surely the point of going to a fashion show) rather than peering at the blurred version on a 15 x 6cm screen.

GMG Award runner up: Fashionable lovelies who can't take a compliment graciously. Word to the wise, ladies, 'I know' is not an acceptable response to 'You look amazing'.

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