Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have never been a fan of Alex Perry's work. I find his clothes boring and derivative. I think he does way too many uninnovative sparkly dresses. I think he needs to take those goddamn sunglasses off his head when he's judging on Australia's Next Top Model.

His latest collection is in large part no exception to the sparkly dress rule, but for a few pieces. Still sticking to the beaten-path, Perry has clearly been influenced by Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear, so let me tell you something about that particular collection. I was recently waiting for a delicious takeaway soup at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant when I came across these images in one of the (somewhat worse for wear) magazines the lovely owner provides for her patrons:

I stared at these photos until my soup arrived, which was a while because as we all know, quality food takes time. I was mesmerised but not because I thought Abbey, Natasha, Freja and co. look good. In fact I think they look ridiculous. Why? They're too fucking thin. Their legs look like those of a pre-pubescent boy and it doesn't help to see them assembled en masse. The blazers reinforce that effect, only overwhelming the models' diminutive frames further.

So how does Perry fair with his version of the jacket/ no pants look? Well I'm actually pleased to say that I think he does much better.

Perry has succeeded in making his models look down-right sexy and while there is a nod to the strong shoulder trend (which indeed shows no signs of fading) he doesn't go overboard with the feature.
The pink fitted jacket is particularly lovely and I feel that the combination of the nipped waist, strong shoulders and (crucially) a relatively flat chest is an interesting suggestion of 1940s styles - a directional change which comes as a great and pleasant surprise to me.

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