Monday, May 3, 2010

So rich, very thin.

I'm tired of thick belts, and I really think that Ginger & Smart's collection would have been considerably more sophisticated had they dumped the chunky and dated obi-esque, leather straps that hugged high on their models' waists. Perhaps that's just me though, so never mind.
I've always got a mildly 1930s vibe from G&S (which I adore) - it's something about the way their soft fabrics drape from a natural waist, over the jutting hipbones of slender lovelies that I find so appealing. Maybe because of this, I think the design duo disappoint when they try too hard with volume. Whatever, there was more than enough of their trademark style to please me, and the shoes were bangin':

I was rather TO'd by this number, however.

Seriously, you have the opportunity to present at the most important event in Australia's fashion calendar, and THIS is what you want to show?? Lame and lazy.

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