Sunday, August 28, 2011

consummate costumer

Now THIS is interesting. Local model Stephanie Carta (of Balenciaga Pre-Fall '08, and being-quite-skinny '08, fame) has recently tweeted:

Getting fitted into some prada for the great gatsby.

Aaah! Exciting! You may recall that Prada's wares made an appearance in Baz Luhrmann's much maligned (but very beautiful) Australia. And boy was that some lovely luggage:

Further, Tobey Maguire who plays Nick Carraway in the film, recently became the face of Prada's Winter 2011/'12 campaign.
I love the idea of costume designers collaborating with contemporary fashion designers, and I'm calling it now - this movie is going to look really, really, really nice.
p.s. Until, like, five minutes ago I thought that Luhrmann's wife Catherine Martin had been the costume designer for all his films. This is partly because I'm sure that Juliet's famous angel costume in Romeo + Juliet (Luhrmann and Martin's last outing with Leonardo DiCaprio), has been attributed to her in the past. Perhaps there has been some confusion since she was the production designer for that film. Anyway, apparently it is only since Moulin Rouge that she's actually been the costume lady - quite surprising considering how unbelievably awesome the costumes in Moulin Rouge are:

When it comes to period costumes, I reckon Martin is up there with Milena Canonero.

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