Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blue Angel

Some more wonderful photos of Charlotte Blau's designs have been sent to me by her daughter, Gina (check out the photographers!!):

I am so grateful to Gina for sending the photos as well as some additional information about Charlotte. It all just makes me continue to wonder at the fact that Charlotte Blau is not a household name (well, in fashion-conscious households at least). As a history nerd I would urge designers, especially young ones, to keep exhaustive archives. Gina tells me that even she and her family don't have any of Charlotte's garments left - a real tragedy I think, though I have to believe that some of her dresses are still out there, hopefully hanging in the closet of someone who appreciates the beauty of her work.


shelley said...

Hi, I have a 'Charlotte Fifth Avenue Gown', would this be one of Blau's dresses? I bought it around 1995 in an antique shop in Sydney, it was quite expensive but I collected 1950s dresses at the time and I loved it. It was used in an early Australian movie and gave me the details of it on a piece of paper, which I can't find... though it may be in the shed. It has lovely pink flowers with pearl tips appliqued all over the bodice and sheer material dropping from a band and bow under the bust. It's for a TINY lady! Cheers, Fiona.

a.rutnam said...

Hi Shelley I'm so sorry I only just saw your comment! It certainly sounds like you have one of Blau's creations in your possession - how wonderful! I'd LOVE to see any photos of it if you have them. Anusha xx

shelley said...

Hi Anusha, I posted some pics of the dress to my pinterest a few months ago after seeing your blog:)

Here's the link if you're interested in taking a look! It's in terrible need of cleaning, but I live in a rural area and we don't have a dry cleaner. I'm too scared to wash it with all the wire in the bodice from the hand stitched applique flowers.

Let me know if you think it's the same Charlotte you posted about!

Best, Fiona.