Monday, July 25, 2011

You and me and the devil makes three

This is a bit old hat (not unlike the term 'old hat') but how amazing is Anna Wintour's necklace collection?

The various blingalings pictured are antique Georgian collet necklaces (i.e. not for the likes of us plebs). Nerida Aylott over at Art For Interiors seems to be doing a roaring trade in replicas:

But there's something about the quality of the stones, the intense shine perhaps, that misses the mark a little.

I've had a little look on Etsy with some success:

But it's just not the same, really.

Edit: Here's a genuine one being sold at Lang Antiques, and let me be the first to say, Holy Fuckballs

Yes, it is $7,950.00


Jennifer Valentine said...

I create these for about 99.00 in my etsy peeps love them to pieces and I can create them in any kind of setting...even silver. I am a professional jewelry maker...published author...not a bumpkin trying to sell junk! (promise)

Anusha Rutnam said...

Your creations are really lovely Jennifer. Definitely the best reproductions I've seen.!