Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project Runway Australia 3.2: Put the Needle on It

This post is unforgivably tardy but in my defence, the episode in question was unforgivably snoozy. The designers were charged with the task of creating a dress for this woman's fashion line.

Ok, why not.
What we saw of Project D, the label run by Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb, was a collection of aggressively inoffensive evening gowns, which would no doubt appeal to a lot of women everywhere. The designers kinda had their work cut out for them but happily (for asshole viewers like myself) there were a few crash and burns.

Case in point:
Timothy's ensemble was a strange and heinous mix of bad late 80s/ early 90s glamour (the hair and the gold cuffs and the ruff? Pull back dude, pull back). And that red belongs in hell.

Nerrida's dress on the other hand was safe, sweet and a little dull:

But I can't get over the awesomeness of the hairstyling. It's a look that I associate with the 1940s for no particular reason - though maybe it's a bit Edwardian too? Luscious.
[Edit] Validation?:

Anna, my favourite contestant so far, didn't disappoint. Or at least she didn't disappoint me - no one else, including Anna herself, seems to rate the designer's work too highly.
There's something a little off (perhaps the tight skirt should have been connected to to the overlay), but I adore the sheer volume created by the tulle.

It was Craig who won the week's challenge with his stunning jersey (!) gown with lace back-insert:
The 1930s are my one of my favourite eras fashion-wise, so I have a soft spot for designs that focus on the back as an erogenous zone. Craig's dress is designed so beautifully and sits so well that it seems unbelievable that it was made in 8 hours.

I was quite worried that Dylan's very beige (in essence, not colour) grecian dress would be the judges' pick:

But the judges chose well.
Rest easy Dannii and friends, your decision is approved by me, a random blogger.

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