Friday, July 8, 2011

Project Runway Australia 3.1: Hue are you?

First, a note to Arena. As someone who watched the first episode of this series illegally online (and has no inclination to do any differently for the remainder of the season), I am not really in a position to be making demands. Nevertheless it would be very nice if you could include pictures of all the final garments on your website - perhaps instead of the many, many photos you've chosen to display of this season's token kooky contestant, Rachael. [EDIT: Got em off facey. I'm practically Sanda Bullock in The Net]

Anyway, how about dem designers?

The first challenge involved each contestant being allocated a different coloured fabric with which to work. I like the conceit but some designers lucked out so badly it seemed silly. I mean, there are at least twelve nice colours in the world, right?

It seemed for a while as if Timothy 'I haven't sewn in 25 years' Godbold was going to be the guy to beat, but his dress turned out... kinda tacky?

One particularly misguided feature of the dress really threw me off:

Why is there a bow on her butthole?

And while I can see why Johnny won with his heliotrope creation, the dress did bring to mind the deliciously awful phrase popularised by Nina Garcia (of US Project Runway), 'questionable taste levels'.

I felt that an uncharacteristically not-annoying Alex Perry was right in suggesting that Johnny hold back on the arm detail, though it seems the young designer chose to ignore this sage advice.

My favourite design came from the rather unassuming Anna.

It is very reminiscent of two dresses by Abigail Lorick (Eleanor Waldorf's ghost designer) worn in the first season of Gossip Girl:

And while the tailoring of Lorrick's creations is very appealing, I like that Anna's belt is wider and attached to the garment itself. Further, while partially-concealed belts have been doing the rounds for a while now, I don't recall having seen one placed on the back before. Very chic.

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