Monday, April 25, 2011

Regarding Tumblr.

What follows could be fairly classified as a rant, and I must admit that Tumblr tends to elicit a disproportionately passionate response from me. I have four main emotional stages of Tumblr.

1) Awestruckity                

The world is saturated with an almost impossible amount of extraordinarily beautiful images

Tumblr has enabled me to see an array of wonderful things (like the submerged room, above) that I may never have seen otherwise. HOWEVER...

2) Annoyance

Who took that photo? Where is it from? I have absolutely no idea because Tumblr is entirely shithouse when it comes to referencing, labeling or any kind of accreditation really.

3) Shock

Why do so many fashion gurls pepper their Tumblrs with super-explicit sex GIFs? Is it meant to be edgy?

4) Bewilderment

Yes that is Justin Bieber's gleaming visage sitting alongside a Helmut Newton photograph. I just... I don't get it.

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