Saturday, April 23, 2011

but we love graven images...

I guess network TV was in biblical mode on account of it being Easter and stuff. The Ten Commandments was on and my parents and I watched the whole thing even though an intermission was sorely in need. Observation the first; regardless of what you thought of his (awful) politics, Charlton Heston was one fine piece of tail:

Secondly, this is one thoroughly gorgeous movie. The colours!

Bee tee dubs, these are blu-ray screencaps. I've never watched a blu-ray thingo but have heard the criticism that the image and sound become almost too perfect - I still don't know quite what that means but, yeah, these pics look a tad overripe.


Gabriela said...

just discovered your blog! you crack me up, totally diggin! :D

Shazzy said...

Thanks lady, glad to hear it!