Friday, April 22, 2011

planets and stars

Oh wow. I've just watched the trailer for Lars von Trier's latest movay Melancholia, and... wow. It looks as visually beautiful, if not more so, than both Dogville and Antichrist - no small feat in my book.
And how's about this promo image:

The first reference that floats to mind is John Everett Millais' Ophelia:

But I think the hardness of Dunst's expression make von Trier's image roughly one million times more interesting. My mum has pointed out to me that the image of Dunst owes something to the shot of Cecilia in the bathtub in The Virgin Suicides:

It looks like Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of the few actresses who has returned to do a second film with the von Trier. I am keen to know how Dunst got on with the director during filming. If you are interested in von Trier's work, I highly recommend Dogville Confessions, a very candid behind-the-scenes short.

There is one amazing moment in which we see Dogville's star Nicole Kidman, chastising von Trier for his immature behaviour during the filming of a rape scene. Von Trier comes off as being the most terrible shit - but isn't that always just the way.


CeciliaNovak said...

I like the lilies of the valley, my favorite :-)!

Shazzy said...

I agree, they're so dainty.