Sunday, September 26, 2010

The wrong type of girl.

At the beginning of this year I started hearing talk about how Supré was trying to change their image by appealing to a slightly older market. FYI, non Aussies, Supré is one of the closest things Australia has to a cheap High Street store. Tellingly, a friend once told me in all seriousness that 'Supré' was French for 'slut'. It isn't, but it was a fair enough mistake.

Anyway I finally got around to looking at the Supré website and I can honestly say that it is totally abominable. At the moment it is quite swamped in unimaginative, though admittedly inoffensive, naval chic, but there's still a lot of the whorish bimbo-etry that we've come to expect from Supré:

One of the few items I would consider buying is this Punctured Heart T-shirt (my name, not theirs - they wish they could have my creativité.):

The only other mildly cute item I spotted was this dress (N.B. Amusingly, the file name for this photo was 'Miranda Kerr lookalike'):

Nice, but perhaps a tad familiar? Yup:

That's a dress from Luella Bartley's adorable Ready-to-Wear Spring 2010 collection. If Bartley was dead, I'd say she was rolling in her grave. As she isn't, I'll say I think she should roll on over to her solicitor's office. 

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