Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My fellas are my propellers.

Karla Spetic's gorgeous S/S 2010 collections will soon be stocked at one of my (in theory) favourite Aussie online stores, Maximillia

I'm just gonna put it out there though, Murray Hewitt from Flight of the Conchords did this look first:

But Spetic shouldn't worry too much, she's in good company when it comes to ripping off the Conchord kids. Just have a look at Kanye West's awesome video for 'Power':

And then compare it to the world of Mel's dreams (specifically at 2.11):


An said...

Nice background! I want pants in this colour - like these pants Blake Lively is wearing:


Shazzy said...

Thank you! I've been playing with the background for so long that now I don't know what I like. And those pants are divine, Blake is such gorgeous clothes horse.