Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have so many problems with Gabrielle Cilmi's outfit, I don't know where to begin.
Oh wait, yeah I do:
1) Bubble Skirts. It's over. So over.
2) Clear bra straps are the stupidest sartorial invention since the cork hat (I'm un-Australian, I know, but surely corks hitting you in the face is as annoying as flies). They are not invisible, they are ugly fugly and if a dress cannot be worn with a normal bra or a strapless and if chicken fillets/ tit tape don't hold it up, then it doesn't fit you and you shouldn't wear it.
3) The whole dress looks like sad rehash of the C-3PO-style metal works of the Balenciaga S/S 07 collection.
4) The jewellery + the dress. It’s just not kosher.
5) SMH tells me the dress was created by British designer Julien MacDonald. Here are some Australian-designed dresses which would have looked WAY cuter.
Tina Kalivas S/S 08

Zimmerman S/S 08 (This one reminds me of a Stella McCartney dress, Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Oscars some years ago, a gown I loved until a dear friend described Paltrow as 'looking as if she was wearing her vagina on the outside'. That rather unsavoury appraisal kind of ruined it for me.)

I realise I have breached my no-mean-comments policy, so let me end on this note: despite all the bad parts of this outfit, the girl looks pretty and happy. Hip hip hooray.

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