Friday, August 10, 2012

Is it sweet or bitter to be a queen?

The Vine have compiled a list of the best and worst celebrities dressed as Cleopatra, apparently apropos of nothing, save the enduring awesomeness of that Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Hey, I'm not complaining... well, one complaint: Where is Vivien Leigh as she appeared in Gabriel Pascal's 1945 peplum flick, Caesar and Cleopatra???

I had actually forgotten how stunning the costumes are - that blue headdress!

So here's a weird Vivien Leigh fact: It's well documented that Leigh suffered from mental illness and had a nervous breakdown while shooting the film Elephant Walk in Sri Lanka. But there is a lesser known aspect of the story - in fact, I only know about it because an acquaintance of my father's was in attendance at a dinner to which Leigh was also invited. At some point during the dinner a servant mentioned that in a nearby village an exorcism ritual was taking place. Going against the advice of her host and the servants, Leigh insisted on attending. Apparently she suffered from her breakdown not long after. Creepy, huh?

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