Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Britannia... again

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but watching the Olympics must take precedence over all other activities. Speaking of which (though not really because I'm sure everyone's done talking about it), how about that Opening Ceremony?! Utter heaven and Jerusalem is currently on repeat on my iPod. Danny Boyle is a genius. I won't even give him a disapproving glare for dating Rosario Dawson. Go on Danny, you've earned your child bride.

And Britain! The following sums up my mood of late perfectly:

Indeed, if I must nitpick (and, of course, I must) I felt like the lack of hat-tipping to Madame Westwood was regrettable. Just think, instead of this yucko number -

- they might have had this:
Image courtesy of Suicide Blonde

Oh well, there's still the Closing Ceremony, I guess.

I will say that I was wee bit baffled by the NHS tribute as the very little I have read about the organisation in the past has not been positive. For a bit of context, back in the day I was properly obsessed with Michael Winterbottom's 2002 film 24 Hour Party People. It's the story of Manchester's music scene in the late-ish 20th century, centering on one of its key figures, Tony Wilson. In 2007 Wilson was refused funding by the NHS for treatment of his kidney cancer. According to this NME story, a bunch of rockstars stepped in to help out but sadly Wilson died in the same year. Interestingly enough, two bands Wilson had formerly managed - New Order and the Happy Mondays - were among those whose music featured during the Opening Ceremony.

Edit: It's all happening.

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