Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pleasure never is at home

Dion Lee's Fall 2012 collection has earned him a really lovely review from's Maya Singer.

Personally this is not my favourite of Lee's collections to date. I kinda wish he would use less of that cute cocktail dress silhouette - I associate it with a certain breed of pretty and wealthy Sydney girls (whom I of course loath and envy) and find it detracts from the more interesting aspects of his designs.

Sheer geometric inserts recalled Versace's Spring 2011 RTW show, though I preferred the PVC used in that collection to Lee's isabelline mesh.

Versace Spring 2011

That said, Singer's review suggests that one of the collection's greatest strengths lies in Lee's innovative used of materials and I'd imagine that his are garments that you simply have to see in the flesh, so to speak.

Finally, how's this for a gorgeous appraisal of Australian fashion:

But what makes Lee really interesting, and eventually, perhaps, significant, is that his intellect doesn't work at cross-purposes to the unavoidable sexiness of his clothes. There is something deeply Australian about that: For whatever reason, designers from Oz seem to have a totally non-vexed relationship to sex and body-consciousness, and Lee embraces that, mitigating the potential aridity of his designs by integrating vampy notes.

Oh Maya, you do make a nation blush...

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