Thursday, October 27, 2011

our bitter angels

For the second time in this excellent song's life, "Pale Rider" by The Preachers has found itself bedfellows with fashion film. And why not? The band's singer Isabella is as outrageously beautiful as ever and she offers some very interesting insights into her mode of performance. The song is dark and lusty in a way which for me (alone, apparently) conjures up the setting of a lonely bar sitting on the edge of a desert. Nevertheless, as with the song's official video (styled by Saint Augustine Academy), dark water seems to be the motif of this new film directed by Ben Briand.

The fashion comes this time from Benah, the accessories label of a, now Sydney-based, New Zealand transplant Brenda Harvey. Beautiful leather pieces with gold hardware (a most perfect shade of gold, by the way) anchor the collection currently available on the Benah website. Also good are a series of printed silk scarves.

Without getting into the current debate over the Native American 'trend' in fashion - though obvs. I'm Team Navajo. Urban Outfitters can suck it - the Southwestern influence (direct or otherwise) on this scarf's print sits perfectly with the atmosphere of Pale Rider.

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