Tuesday, May 3, 2011

She comes in colors everywhere

I'm generally pretty mean to Alex Perry (see next paragraph) but I really do give him props for using some colour in his collection, when it seems that white (ho hum) is dominating everyone else's.

Of course colour blocking has been all over the international catwalks for the past few seasons. Jill Sander and Gucci were among the many fashion labels who presented collections in which seriously unlikely colours were combined, gorgeousness often ensuing. Unfortunately Perry's lack of restraint - evident in his choice of shot-fabrics as well as heavy sequin-beading- robbed his designs of the kind of clarity that colour-blocking demands in order to avoid becoming visually overwhelming.

Undoubtedly the best part of the show was when, heralded by the disco thuds of Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough", Perry himself came to take a bow (walking the entire circuit of the catwalk, of course). As some middle-aged woman might say, he certainly has a lot of 'tude.

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