Friday, May 6, 2011

Alice McCall

Of all the collections this week Alice McCall's had to be among the most desirable and it's unsurprising that this label has such a cult following in Australia. An ensemble consisting of what looked like painted organdie (white on white, heaven) paired with a lattice-work skirt was one of my favourites in the collection:

Afterwards my companion and I got to talking about the show and it came out that, while we both adored it and the label, neither of us owned any Alice McCall pieces ourselves. Trying to work out this riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a vest, I concluded that while I'd give my [insert some body part which, when removed doesn't affect the drape of silk cropped pants] for a pair of these silk cropped pants...

... McCall's prices really are prohibitively expensive. When I am cashed up enough to buy something in her price range, I'd probably want to spend said imaginary money on some kind of statement garment. Her pieces are the kind of thing I'd want to wear everyday, to not be too precious about - if only le bank account would permit.

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