Thursday, December 9, 2010

Uh Oh It Girls - Aussie edition?

I'm not a fan of the various blonde-reality TV shows such Laguna Beach and The Hills, that MTV has birthed over the last decade (I only watched The City to drool over Olivia Palermo). I must admit, however, that I was mildly interested in watching the nonsensically titled Freshwater Blue. Touted as being the Australian version of those afore mentioned shows, this series is set in Sydney's Northern beaches and follows around a bunch of school-leavers as they live, love and learn, etc.

Well, I got around to watching the promo and let me tell you, it's deep.
Balls deep.
I literally couldn't bear to watch the 3 minute ad all the way through.

A while back a Daily Telegraph article claimed that a similar series, entitled 'Summer City', was in the works. This sounded more promising and those rumoured to be involved were not complete randoms, a la Freshwater Blue.

Without knowing much (read: anything) about Sydney's social scene, I have a few picks whose inclusion would make a show worth watching. Note: The following people have been chosen sometimes based on interesting lineage, but mostly because of the clothes they wear. This is really all I care about.

Nadia Fairfax, who was in fact mentioned as a possible for 'Summer City'. Killer killer killer outfit, give that girl a show!

Kira McDonough: I met this girl briefly at this year's Australia Fashion Week where she was manning a stall for her parents' label, Estilo. Again, a splendid sense of style especially with all that Estilo gear.

Christina Bou. Because my hypothetical show needs some colour and madness, and the truly sensational clothes she designs would mesmerise viewers.

DJ Georgia Magree [Pictured at far left], daughter of Greg Magree who co-owns Sydney's rather nice Piano Room. Dynasty!

Tully Smyth, whose blog I've blogged about before.

Sophie Lowe. Best hair. Am I wrong?
No, I'm not.

More if I think of them...

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