Friday, May 3, 2013


From The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book By Pauline Bartel, here's a nice fact for your brains:

Selznick insisted on complete authenticity in the costumes. For instance, he directed Walter Plunkett to use expensive lace to make petticoats for the ladies. Ann Rutherford, playing Scarlett’s sister Carreen, voiced her opinion that the cost was extravagant especially since the audience would not know the lace was there. “But you’ll know it’s there,” was Selznick’s reply. 

In the spirit of "but you'll know" I've rounded up the following delightful tidbits. And here's to you, Selznick, ya mean old bastard.

According to the Met Museum  the inner inscriptions of cartouches and epithets of Thutmose III suggest that the cuffs were a gift of the king.

Ok, a strong breeze might mean that They'll Know, too, but I'll be damned if I can resist a good contrasting lining.

I've seen variations on the "diamonds on the inside" ring. The simplicity of the outer design here makes this one my favourites. Sah clevah. 

And finally, did you know that in their early days, the Ksubi (then Tsubi) boys inscribed their jeans with original poems? I haven't been able to find any images so I guess I'll just post their 2011 Kolors video (again):

Now that's poetry.

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