Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obviously, Doctor

The Virgin Suicides was already one of my top three all-time favourite movies when I first read the Jeffrey Eugenides book on which it was based. I actually loved the book too, but reading it made me admire Sofia Coppola's film all the more. It would have been so easy to turn that story into an intensely dark film but Coppola took it to another place entirely.

Here is The Preatures' (formerly The Preachers) cover of Danimals' song, "Christmas Worm's Quest for Fresh Apples"

Again, hearing the original work (which you can listen to here) makes me appreciate the reinterpretation all the more.

p.s. Here is a Lone Maniac photo shoot starring The Preatures' Isabella Manfredi. Let's talk about this:

 Photo by Tess Huton

First Charlotte Free (who, quelle horreur, is a model, hairy and eloquent), and now Isabella?

Photo by Terry Richardson

About time.

To be clear, I'm not pro-hairy pits from an aesthetic standpoint (duh, I read Cosmo as a teenager, I'm keenly aware of which parts of my body I'm meant to be ashamed of) but my brain knows it's pissweak that this crazy rigid standard applies to women and not men.

And remember folks, it's always beautiful women who ease in the scary new trends. Just ask Miranda Kerr and her high-cut bathers.

Numéro #115, August 2010, photo by Sebastian Kim

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