Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I ain't people.

Oh lordy, I just realised I've never done a Singin' In The Rain post. For shame, Pavement Frippery. I really dig Walter Plunkett's costumes not because they're beautiful (for the most part they're not, really) but because I love the idea of seeing the 1920s via the 1950s. Unsurprisingly, Plunkett sneaks in a few unlikely nipped waists and pointy busts:

One particularly spectacular scene is a fashion show-musical of sorts:

Quite a few designers have been showing drop-waists in the past couple of seasons. It seems to have accompanied the art deco trend which I think was largely ignited by the buzz around Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby remake. I personally have an enduring love for drop-waists but I'm not ready to say sayonara to my waist just yet.

Lina Lamont wins the award for best outfit with this very excellent number:

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