Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silver Vixen

Joyce Bryant doesn't have a Wikipedia page, which is weird because, well, look at her:

Photo by Philippe Halsman

Colour photos by Carl Van Vechten

I mean, how much fabulous does a girl need before earning herself a place in The Free Encyclopedia? An excerpt from Andrew Hamilton's All Music Guide is the only bit of biography I've found on the 20th century American singer. It's not amazing but does include this factoid:

Bryant's hair was naturally black, but not wanting to be upstaged by Josephine Baker at a club, she doused it with silver radiator paint, slithered into a tight silver dress and voila: the Bronze Blond Bombshell and even Baker was impressed.

Given that Bryant began performing in the late 1940s, I think she must have been considerably younger than Baker but I do hope the story is true.

Oh and then there's this from Life magazine's 12 October 1953 issue:

Ha ha, Sterling ya old prude.

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