Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wanna be eurotrash

I (sort of) just got back from my first trip to Europe and the three weeks spent in Barcelona and Paris were an absolute dream. The jump-shot became our signature pose:

And then of course there was the shopping. Until the last days of the holiday my purchases had been fairly sensible, with the possible exception of this leather Zara dress (which, incidentally, retailed for far less in Spain, where I bought it, than France):

Then I went to Galeries Lafayette in Paris and suffice it to say, shit got a wee bit crazy. I ended up going home with these babies:

They're originally from a confection of a collection, Balenciaga's 2011 resort:

Oooh how I love them. They haven't been worn out yet but I'm currently in the process of building small shrine for them in my room.

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