Friday, October 29, 2010

Glass half full but I’m not thirsty

Yesterday I went to the new Westfield shopping centre on Pitt St in Sydney's CBD. Somehow I missed all the hype about this place and I've been surprised when its come up in conversation with friends over the past few weeks. Is a shopping centre really worth getting excited over? Short answer, no way josé. It's a shopping centre and, by definition, is filled with the same old shit you can get anywhere else, with two exceptions - I have to admit I got a bit fangirl when I saw that Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin boutiques would soon be opening up there (all the fancy stores are apparently arriving fashionably late to the party, their 'under construction' signs still up).

SS 10/11 RTW Zimmermann

Also the Zimmerman boutique was a lovely experience, party because it currently contains the label's absolutely killer 10/11 SS collection (which incidentally took some inspiration from Miu Miu). Browsing the store was basically one long sigh of clothes-lust. Also, I might have been imagining it but the shop girls seemed nicer than your average high-end boutique wenches. Like a new pretty girl at school who has to be nice to everyone while she's settling in.
What an AWFUL analogy.

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