Wednesday, March 3, 2010

skinny times

It was with a resounding 'woot woot' that I learned Christian Lacroix is set for a comeback, with a few licensing deals in the works to help with the green side of things. Fingers crossed this means he will be presenting Couture shows again soon.
As someone outside of the fashion industry it was with dismay but not surprise that I first heard Lacroix was in deep financial difficulties. Given that even fashion houses as well-established as Chanel and Dior rely on perfume and accessory sales to remain afloat, it seemed amazing that a relatively young label like Lacroix's survived as long as it did. Did the dude even make an It-bag?
And here's his perfume:

I've never heard of it either.

Here are some pieces from his Spring 2007 Couture collection, which remains one of my all-time favourites:

Seriously, if 'selling out' is what is need for a designer to keep producing diamonds like these, I'd be ok with Christian listing his soul on Ebay.

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