Sunday, May 3, 2009

Harsh times call for bubble wrap.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently ran an article on how the financial crisis affected models' salaries at this year's Fashion Week.
What I found rather amusing was how journo Rachel Wells tried to weave into the story this woman:
Davina Reichman, 25, turned up to the Nicola Finetti show on Monday night in an outfit she had made from a $6 roll of bubble wrap.

"We're in a recession. Times are tough. People are watching their money," said the financial consultant who, in recent months, has fashioned a dress out of newspaper and a pair of pants out of serviettes.

Reichman is among a growing number of recessionista who are demanding more bang for their buck - a fact not lost on designers and local and international store buyers.

Interesting angle, SMH, but do you really think the woman garbed in packaging materials is doing it for the money?

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